past exhibition

Steven Meyers


Garden Secrets

October 13 - November 20, 2006


Steven Meyers Parrot Tulip Steven Meyers Japanese Lantern Steven Meyers Oriental Lily Steven Meyers Two Callas Steven Meyers Mountain Fire Pieris Steven Meyers Daffodil 97 Steven Meyers Leucadendron Steven Meyers Laguras Hares Tail Steven Meyers Beyond Light Steven Meyers Giant Calla Steven Meyers Fern Mix Steven Meyers Tones III Steven Meyers Heavenly Bamboo Steven Meyers Hibiscus 2 Steven Meyers Poppy Seed Pods Steven Meyers Double Amaryllis Steven Meyers Anemones


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Galerie BMG is pleased to present this exquisite collection of black and white botanical photographs, focusing on the hidden secrets of nature. By using x-rays instead of light, Steven Meyers reveals an unusual "inner-vision", showing the natural textures, details, and shadows that would otherwise not be seen.

Trained as a radiology technologist, Meyers began experimenting with floral radiography, a relatively unexplored art form, nearly 30 years ago. Despite the challenges of finding the right equipment to record the delicate flower details and having no lens to compose with, he has perfected the compositions of skeletal outlines and lacy petals, yielding elegant and ethereal images he calls Garden Secrets. Variations in lighting and texture add to the mystery of the final photographs, which include negatives, positives and solarized prints.

Images are carbon pigment prints on watercolor paper and are available in 22 x 26 (editions of 50), and 26 x 30 / 26 x 36 (editions of 25).

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