past exhibition

Laurence Demaison


Laurence Demaison

May 23 - June 29, 2009


1 Papier de Soi 2 2 Papier de Soi 4 3 Papier de Soi 3 4 Papier 5 5 Belladonne 1 6 Belladonne 3 7 Belladonne 2 8 Sources 5 9 Esquisses 4  10 Les Petites Boules 9  11 Series of 9 Poseueses 12 Esquisses 2 13 Sources 4 14 La Poseuse 5 15 Les Eautres 12 16 Les Eautres 5 17 Les Eautres 13 18 Les Eautres 14 19 Les Eautres 3 20 Les Eautres 7 21 Les Eautres 2 22 Les Eautres 1 23 Les Eautres 10 24 L'eau de la 3 25 L'eau de la 4


Galerie BMG is delighted to host the debut American exhibition of work by French photographer, Laurence Demaison. The collection of fascinating and beautifully executed self-portraits, curated from several of the artist's recent series, exemplifies the contradictions of attraction and repulsion; the desire to exist, yet disappear.

Having practiced various means of artistic expression (painting, drawing, sculpture) since childhood, and completing formal training in architecture in 1988, Laurence began her self-taught journey into photography in 1990. Particularly interested in the female portrait and nude, and finding it difficult to adequately convey her mental images into words and direction, she gave up on the use of models and began to use herself exclusively as the subject of her photographs. Freed from the burden of words and the presence of others, she embraced the solitude, silence and freedom, while struggling to confront the image of her own body. Rather than portraying her body as it was, she sought to conceal, modify, even destroy it and reconstruct it in a form more acceptable to her. The result is a series of self-portraits which expertly use the reflective and distortive qualities of her materials along with the shadowy effects of light and negative images to create "paper phantoms", ghosts of herself that are there, yet disappear in an instant.

Laurence creates all of her images in camera and executes the silver gelatin prints in her own darkroom, with no alteration of the image after shooting. She has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors from European photographic organizations and her work has been exhibited extensively in Paris and elsewhere in France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium. This is the first gallery exhibition of her work in the United States.

All images are gelatin silver prints in editions of ten. Sizes range from 14 x 16 to 26 x 32 depending on the particular series.


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Images © Laurence Demaison