past exhibition

Kamil Vojnar


Flying Blind

Sept 30 - Nov 28, 2011


1 White Flowers 2 Attracted to Light 3 Late Ceremony 4 No Vacancy 5 Arrival 6 Blind Angel 7 Love 8 Memory 9 Catapult 10 Open Sea 11 Angel Dreams 12 Rebecca with Wings 13 Acrobat 14 Angel Sleeps 15 Alice with Wings 16 Joachim with Wings 17 Journey 18 Alone 19 Levitation Levitation

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Galerie BMG is delighted to present mixed media photographs by talented and innovative Czech artist Kamil Vojnar. "Flying Blind" includes compelling and evocative imagery which is both intensely personal and enigmatic. According to the artist, "the work is driven by the contradictory world surrounding us. So much beauty and so much suffering meet and go hand in hand. I am trying to explore the corners of our souls, where emotions reside. Emotions as reactions to the world outside and conflicting emotions of our most private worlds within. Because don't we cry from immense sadness, but from happiness as well?"

As a self-taught photographer and painter, Kamil describes his working methods as "flying blind". Mostly oblivious to proper techniques and processes, he mixes elements the way we might reconstruct last night's dreams. He lets intuition and bits and pieces of materials lead to conclusions, though never really fully finished as he revisits his images over and over again to place them in different logic and contexts. Kamil's unique approach involves multiple layers of imagery using different photographs and textures. Sometimes he layers on canvas creating one-of-a-kind pieces, while others are digitally layered on fine art paper in small editions. In both instances he varnishes the image with oil and wax, sometimes applying additional oil paint.

Kamil was born in the former Czechoslovakia in 1962. He studied at the School of Graphic Arts in Prague and began his career as a Graphic Designer. He left the still Communist country and moved to Vienna, and then eventually to the U.S., becoming a citizen and finishing his studies at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. He continued his career in Graphic Design creating illustration and photographs for music and book publishing houses in New York. Following several years living in Paris and in St. Remy de Provence, where he operated his own ateliers and concentrated on creating his own personal images, Kamil recently moved with his family to Los Angeles. In 2011, Kamil was honored by the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, being selected for the prestigious Jacob Riis Award.

All images are unique compositions on paper or canvas and available in two sizes.


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Images © Kamil Vojnar