past exhibition

Josephine Sacabo



May 23 - August 4, 2008


Josephine Sacabo 1 El Fulgor Josephine Sacabo 2 Sleepwalker Josephine Sacabo 3 Released Josephine Sacabo 4 Las Palomas Josephine Sacabo 5 The Orchid Josephine Sacabo 6 La Jaula I Josephine Sacabo 7 Reposo Josephine Sacabo 8 Cantando Josephine Sacabo 9 Volando Josephine Sacabo 10 Gilded Circle Josephine Sacabo 11 La Puerta Josephine Sacabo 12 Obscene Bird of Night II Josephine Sacabo 13 Desire and the Eye II Josephine Sacabo 14 Moon Over Time Josephine Sacabo 15 Shadows Josephine Sacabo 16 The Dreamer Josephine Sacabo 17 Canticles Josephine Sacabo 18 The Balcony Josephine Sacabo 19 Desire and the Eye III


Galerie BMG, in collaboration with the Center for Photography at Woodstock (CPW) is proud to host an exhibition of photographs by internationally recognized photographer, Josephine Sacabo, coinciding with the artist's participation in the 2008 Summer Workshop and Lecture Series at CPW.

The exhibition will include selected images from two bodies of her work: "Nocturnes" and "Geometry of Echoes." "Nocturnes" continues the artist's exploration of the dream state, from the perspective of the moon looking in on the world, as if through a window. The images have been re-printed using the photogravure process, enhancing the subtle mystery of the dream / reality connection. "Geometry of Echoes" is a series dedicated to the memory of the artist's mother. According to Josephine, they are images of a woman seen through the eyes of a 6 year old child - impossibly beautiful as only the heart can perceive and remember her.

Josephine Sacabo lives and works mostly in New Orleans, where she has been strongly influenced by the unique ambience of the city. She is a native of Laredo, Texas, and was educated at Bard College, New York. Prior to coming to New Orleans, she lived and worked extensively in France and England. Her earlier work was in the photo-journalistic tradition, influenced by Robert Frank, Josef Koudelka, and Henri Cartier-Bresson. She now works in a very subjective, introspective style. She uses poetry as the genesis of her work and lists poets as her most important influences, among them Rilke, Baudelaire, Pedro Salinas, Vincente Huiobro, and Juan Rulfo.

Images from the "Geometry of Echoes" series are toned gelatin silver prints in 24 x 28 matted format. Images from the "Nocturnes" series are gravures in 20 x 24 matted format.


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Images © Josephine Sacabo