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jeri eisenberg grafton lakes jeri eisenberg in the snow lake placid jeri eisenberg innisfree jeri eisenberg lakeshore chicago 3 jeri eisenberg montreal mt royal jeri eisenberg saratoga 1 jeri eisenberg grant park jeri eisenberg brunswick woods jeri eisenberg lake edge 5 jeri eisenberg lake placid 3
Segmented Images
jeri eisenberg loon lake jeri eisenberg loon lake 2 jeri eisenberg sugar maple fall jeri eisenberg summer foliage jeri eisenberg sugar live oak jeri eisenberg saplings and spanish moss jeri eisenberg lakeshore chicago jeri eisenberg stag lakeside jeri eisenberg lake edge wahington park 8 jeri eisenberg inlet
Color Images - Fall
jeri eisenberg sugar maple floaters red jeri eisenberg sugar maple floaters orange jeri eisenberg sugar maple flutters red jeri eisenberg sugar maple floaters orange 2 jeri eisenberg sugar maple flutters red 2 jeri eisenberg sugar mapale flutters red 3 jeri eisenberg sugar maple floaters orange 4 jeri eisenberg sugar maple flutters red 4 jeri eisenberg maple starburst red jeri eisenberg maple trail blaze jeri eisenberg crabapple fall 5 jeri eisenberg ornamentals #5


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artist's statement

I feel no need to seek out grand vistas or exotic locales, majestic mountain ranges or rushing rivers. It's the common wooded landscape of my day to day life that captures my attention. Many of the images in my current work are from areas close to my home; others are from farther flung places, but places that I just happen to be for one prosaic reason or another. They are places that are generally more ordinary than spectacular.

By photographing the treed landscape with a purposefully oversized pinhole or a radically defocused lens, however, I capture it as it is not often seen. The images are firmly grounded in the natural world, a particular place, a particular season, a particular time. But by obscuring detail, only the strongest brush strokes emerge: the images become sketches with light, literally and figuratively. They tend to float between there and not there, to dissolve into abstraction and reconfigure themselves back into recognizable form.

I began this series when my father, then 83, started loosing both his sight and his memory. Strangely, the work has been comforting. Beauty, though fleeting and fragmentary, seems to console me.

All pieces are from the series A Sojourn in Seasons: Sketching with Light Among Trees. All are digitally printed with archival ink on Japanese Kozo paper, and infused with encaustic medium, giving them full translucency and a slight surface texture and reflectivity. Single panel pieces are 22.5"x 36"; each panel in the polyptychs is 11"x 36", with panels spaced inch from each other. All pieces float 1" from the wall, held against clear acrylic bars with small disc magnets.


View Jeri Eisenberg's Bokeh Exhibition of Spring & Summer Color Images

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