past exhibition

Ernestine Ruben



September 11 -
October 19, 2009


1 Ming Village 2 Waterdance 3 Ulricke Leaning Left Gum 4 Clarence 5 Ulricke Head to Right Gum 6 Ulricke Leaning Left Pigment 7 Leaning Pink 8 Trees in Mist 9 Dunes in Africa 10 Old Wood 11 Matusadona 12 Trees in Africa 13 Hand on Breast 14 Weaving Studio 15 Black Twitter 16 Agnes Upside Down 17 Ernestine Ruben Thermal Nipple


The exhibition of photographs by Ernestine Ruben, opening at Galerie BMG on September 11, spans more than ten years of the artist's prolific career and includes several series of her photographic work including Human Bodies, Landscapes and her most recent series entitled "Dancescapes".

Most familiar with the human body through her earlier work in sculpture, Ernestine began her work in the photographic medium with the same subject matter, transcending both the camera and the process to focus on and celebrate the human spirit and energy. Exploring many different media, formats, and techniques, her ideas developed with the work and she began to employ some of these ideas in more abstract ways, using nature and architecture to express her human concerns.

According to Ernestine, "The motive force behind my photography remains the same. I persist in the endeavor to bring an image to life, by rendering it human, dynamic, and sentient. Human energy is represented by movement, gesture, composition and is described by color, texture and the other necessary elements in a visual image. These elements are in constant change much as our ideas and lives change".

Ernestine Ruben lives and works in Princeton, New Jersey and in New York. She received degrees in Art History and Art Education. As an artist, she is internationally known through extensive exhibitions, books, and workshops and her work is included in many major museums and private collections. Most of her life has been focused on art: growing up with it, studying history of art and working in sculpture. She has photographed the human body for years and now applies her love of life and human spirit to landscapes and architecture as she continues to experiment with diverse concepts and techniques as they relate to photography.

Images are created with various media including pigment, encaustic on pigment and gum dichromate in varying sizes. Please inquire for more detail on specific images.


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Images ©Ernestine Ruben